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Word-for-word transliterations of Sanskrit classics being the motto, we strive to present some legendary works on this webpage with the enthusiasm given by our readers to proceed further in this long-forgotten lane of Sanskrit Classics, and to obviate the maxim:

Classic: Books, which people praise, but do not read.

Among them 1] vAlmIki rAmAyaNa, 2] raghuvamsham, 3] Ritusamhāram, 4] gīta-govindam, 5] shrI sItA pariNaya shloka vyAkhya - a rare commentary with ten meanings to each word of a single verse of Ramayana; 6] harivamsha parvam - the first book of harivamsham - the sequel of mahAbhArata; 7] the original meaning of shrI sUktam; 8] ten chapters of mahAbhArata tAtparya nirNayam of madjhvAchArya; 9] shrI kRishNa karNAmRitam of lIlAshuka, are completed.

Earlier, 10] bhārata sāvitri, an extinct text forming part of mahābhārata, is retrieved and presented here.

Presently, 11] kumArasambhavam of kAlidAsa is taken up, expecting the best wishes of readers to complete it soon.


Non-english fonts being the bane of web, we had to recast all works to UTF fonts, discarding all files prepared with fonts existing prior to UTF fonts. These works, recast to UTF fonts, are basically done with the fonts of Omkārananda āshramam, and the readers are requested to install the UTF fonts, and enable system for Internation Language supprt.

The font used for Devanagari is Sanskrit 2003; for Roman Diacritics it is either Georgia Ref Plus or URW Palladio ITU; for the rest of the text it is Georgia.

As a ready reference, these fonts are provided herewith in a zip file: [600kb]

friends / thanks

ashIrvAdam like thanksgiving to damarAju phaNi kumAr who made this exclusive webpage for gIrvANi happen. [aside: of course, he is my nephew, sister's son.]

bApu, bapubomma -- all the drawings / paintings / objects used in the pictures of this webpage are drawn from various works of this eminent illustrator - bApu

Stu Nicholls of CSSPlay, Bristol, BANES, United Kingdom  for beautiful designs of webpage in css like a picture gallery, expanding menu and a tabbed page eyc, that are adopted to these pages of gIrvANi.

Vexed with the problem of proper display by vrowsers, we stopped giving font-wise files these days. But the love for our labour demands the supply of these old fonts used in these works, and they are avaible in this zip file: [600kb]

These fonts and Sanskrit Editor - Itranslator 98, 99 and 2003 are made available by
Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas
. Though not compulsory, we request our reades to make donations to this Ashramam

Our associates' sites

The purpose of this site is to provide resources on the Great Itihasa Mahabharata and this is maintained by A. Harindranath:

For Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya By Madhwacharya maintained by Harshala Rajesh:

Sanskrit Documents Respository and Gaudiya Grantha Mandira : these two sites need no introduction

For Sanskrit fonts with technical mannuals for fonts, and texts with a few other Sanskrit documents etc maintained by Ulrich Stiehl.

For free screensavers depicting Ramayana in painting by Bapu, Sanskrit and TeluguAlphabets in play etc: evibhavari

For various Sanskrit texts and scriptures:  Vedic Recitations - audio files

Classical Indian Music, Discourses, Literature (audio)  site of Sai Susarla.
For Sanskrit oriented discussions, India classical and light music, and for some gramaphon records of oldest possible Telugu verse dramas; maintained by Susarla Sai

and many, many more webpages and sites dedicated to Sanskrit works...

if the above does not work properly please contact :

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