We have been pleasantly surprised at the volume of comments we have been receiving. We got these from different parts of the world and from people of different faiths. It just is an indicator of the immense appeal of Valmiki's Ramayana, an immortal tale.

Following are some of the Comments this site received so far :


(NAME) K V N Gopal

(EMAIL) gopal@aero.iisc.ernet.in




Many thanks for embarking on a worthy endeavour of

putting the Valmiki Ramayana with meaning and comments

on the Web.

I have a suggestion on behalf of unix users. It would

be nice if you could also use dynamic fonts (Sans98.pfr

can be created easily using Bitstream's WebFontMaker

software) so that unix users can also read the Ramayana

in Sanskrit Font with meaning using Netscape Navigator.


Comment from web master : Above is an extremely good suggestion. We would really appreciate if someone could spare some time and provide us with the needed dynamic fonts. The effort will be duly appreciated at our web site.


(NAME) Kelly Harkins

(EMAIL) kell1524@arn.net

(comments) I have been studing the Ramayana. Because of my own paradigm's I do not understand how one knows what their dharma. I would also like to know how this story has effected the current Indian culture.


(NAME) Joseph Simantov, PhD

(EMAIL) joseph.simantov@span.ch



A big word of thanks!

It's just unbelievable...



Email: vora_s@hotmail.com

Subject: Suggestion

Message: Suggest that you finish the translation of Kishkindha and other chapters asap. This is a tremendous effort.

The one below from Shri Prof. Tokunaga is special to us, since we admire his work in bringing together the first compilation (as far as we are aware) of Ramayana Verses in a machine understandable format.

(EMAIL)  mtokunag@bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Everyone who loves this great epic will visit this site and enjoy your translation. Your ``RAmAyaNa Resources'' is also very important as an enterance to various sites of this epic in the world.


 Name: kasi viswanadham y

Email: kasi@iimb.ernet.in

Subject: Comment

Message: I am happy to look at the resources provided to an emerging world. Ramayana is like a DHRUVA NAKSHATRA to guide humanity to zero level to oneness.

We all will be glad to you in this venture. Thanks.


 Name: Rajesh Sahota

Email: rajesh.ram@ntlworld.com

Subject: Suggestion

Message: Please could you include more information on Guru VALMIK ji and the cast that follows him as your site contains hardley any
Also could you please give me any information of which you ,may have on guru valmik ji.

many thanks
Rajesh Sahota
 (NAME)  Ram Gupta

(EMAIL)  Ra2gupta@aol.com



Dear Sir:

We plan to organize 24-hours Ramayana Paath at our place and needs some advice in planning.

(1) Can all seven chapters (including last chapter 7 - Uttarkand) of Ram Charit Manas be completed in 24-hours time?

(2) Sometime, it is difficult to maintain a proper speed to complete the whole reading in 24-hours. If after 23.5-hours, we are still half way in chapter 7 - Can we finish there? Or skip few pages and go to very end to finish it?

We like to have some contingency plans, and your advice will help us planning the Paath. Thanks,

Ram Gupta

Richmond, VA
 (NAME) Neeraj Sharan (EMAIL) neeraj_sharan@hotmail.com (comments) Excellent work! I anxiously await the translation of the coming chapters!
(NAME) rajiv kumar ahluwalia (EMAIL) nightly_ca@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- wonderful sight, was browsing through encyclopedia com for days, finally got through britanica, i am sure its doing to be interesting to go through. colourful pictures, with all the story. thanks i am rajiv kumar ahluwalia.
(NAME) Mukund Chudasama (EMAIL) devhuti@tinyworld.co.uk (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- An execellent site for accuracy of translation into english. Have you done any similar translation on the "RAMCHARITMAANAS" by Goswami Tulsidas. If you have or know of it can you please let me know. Again many many thanks for such an invaluable site.
(NAME) rupen momaya (EMAIL) rkvm301@vsnl.com (comments) its a very nice site.But probably u can also include other mythological stories like Mahabharata,beliefs & interesting stories of other religions etc..
NAME) KARUNAKAR (EMAIL) karna@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Felt very happy after reading the scripts in this home page. Also could you please provide information on Shri.Sundara Chaytanyananda Swamy of Dowaleswaram AP., "CHAYTANYA RAMAYANAM". Thanks.
(NAME) Bharat Dattatray Potdar (EMAIL) bdpotdar@goa1.dot.net.in (comments) Best work.
(NAME) Ganesh (EMAIL) ganeshg@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, my heartiest thanks to you. Can't wait to read the rest! Best, GG
(NAME) Peri Srinivas (EMAIL) guruvugaru@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its is ver Good.Is it that we had only 8 sargas in the bala kanda.I believe we have 76 sargas. I would appreciate it if U can please let me know the avialabilty of the rest. Thanks, Peri
(NAME) sridhar (EMAIL) sridhar_varu@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Namsthe This is a great site. Please put on "SUNDARA KANDA" also.
(NAME) nice site very helpful (EMAIL) popuriv@forindia.com (comments) Please try to have audio files downloadable (.ra,or midi or even MP3 will do)that can make a lot of difference, try to be more accessible.thankyou
(NAME) Sherine - South Africa (EMAIL) sherine@ascotmews.co.za (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Ramayan site is food for the soul !!! May Lord Ram bless you and give you long life to continue your wonderful work and may you continue to help us in our lives with this shining light of the wonderful Ramayan.
(NAME) Ganapathy Subramanian (EMAIL) ganapath@cbsinc.com (comments) Great work. All my good wishes.
(NAME) Deepti P Mangalgiri (EMAIL) deeptipm@hotmail.com (comments) This site is very good,but why are there only two "kandas". where are the rest of them? I would like to see all of them.Ramayana is my favourite epic.
(NAME) Rani Vunnam (EMAIL) Ranivunnam@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for the wonderful service you are doing to the world community. My grand daughter, who is 8yrs. old is very much interested in all Indian epics. She will have great time reading this version of Ramayana by herself.
(NAME) Anu (EMAIL) anupam_bhatt@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent site..
(NAME) ketan barai (EMAIL) ketanbarai@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- u have done great job for this site.i have request that which songs are there in ramanand sagar video casset of ramayan all that songs u should keep that songs. thank u
(NAME) Amarnath (EMAIL) talk2amar@yahoo.com (comments) This site is a very good attempt you have made to popularize the great epic. I came to know of this site from the Chip magazine. I dont think this site is known to many people. I wish you should popularize this site so that many people visit and find it useful.
(NAME) DS Rao (EMAIL) srdintyala@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir, Your effort is commendable. May the blessings of Sri Rama be bestowed upon your families for all generations to come. DSRao
(NAME) R.Sridharan (EMAIL) sridharan@vsnl.com (comments) Excellent compilation of the great epic. Congartulations.
(NAME) muralidhar rudhrabhatla (EMAIL) muralidhar_rudhra@usa.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- dear bhaktanavaligaru, please give us the site of the remaining kandas. we are very anxiety to see them.what u have given the two kandas namely,bala kanda and ayodhya kanda which are very very interesting and we very heartly congratulating the site which is created by u. Muralidhar.
(NAME) Dr.M.N.Salim (EMAIL) slm@doctor.com (comments) I really appreciate what you have done here. I think it would be better if you incorporate the verses in Sanskrit also which will add a touch of naturality. I really feel something is lacking since the sanskit is not there.
(NAME) sanjay kumar khursija (EMAIL) sanjay_khursija@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- it was a good gesture to provide valmiki ramayan on the net. but what about other 'kands'? by when those are likely to be made avialable. sanjay
(NAME) GURMIT SINGH BHASIN (EMAIL) gurmit_21@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- jai shree ram bolo well i have suggestion to the committee that plz send the nice photograph of shree hanuman so that i can copy the same n have the lamintion of it in my house ok so plz send the same as per small request if want any kind of money plz tell me i will send the draft of the said amount as soon as possible without any hassles plz ssend me the photograph of SHREE HANUMAN as soon as possible with kind regards gurmit singh bhasin
(NAME) Diwakar (EMAIL) kdiwakar@wilco-int.com (comments) Add some audio files in your site. I would like to listen Hanuman Chalisa and Ramayana in prose. (subject) Ramayana Page Comments
(NAME) Ramanarayana Karanth M.L. (EMAIL) mlrkaranth@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cud U pls add some Ramayana's scenes as Screen savers. Thanks Karanth M.L.R
(NAME) Bipin Patel (EMAIL) bipin.p@virgin.net (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir, Vande Maataram I have offered a hyperlink to your website from my website http://www.mabharati.com so that a visior can come to your website. Hope you would not mind this. I intend to update selected news from India's main newspapers on daily basis for the visitors to my site. If you want to offer any link from your website to mine please feel free. Keep up the good work you are doing. JAY HIND Yours faithfully, Bipin Patel London
(NAME) veeraraghavan (EMAIL) manni@md4.vsnl.net.in (comments) Your presentation of the epic which is asmodern as tomorrow is golden. I am never tired of reading Ramayana written by anyone.The simple translation is easy to understand by anyone. Hence a printed textshould be made for the benefit of others who are not lucky to be on the net.Lord Rama has showered his blessings on your work. Congratulations to the authors.
(NAME) Ganesh Inguva (EMAIL) inguva@wlink.com.np (comments) Dear sirs, a wonderful site. I am pleasantly surprised to see the site. I read about the site in CHIP magazine of April 2000. I had problem in the Sanskrit fonts. What I view is not exactly Devanagari script. Can you tell me how I can see Sanskrit script fully. I eagerly look forward to other Kandas. Thank you for presenting the wonderful work. Regards- Inguva Ganesh
(NAME) Rishi (EMAIL) richie_rish@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where can i find Sundara Kanda ( Book of Beauty ) version of the book online. Thanks RG
(NAME) N.Raman (EMAIL) ram_shiv@usa.net (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pranam, It is glad to see a good website like this which will be very useful to the people of modern generation especially to people in other country where Indians live, where they want to uphold our culture. I suggest a few things: 1. It will be nice if u add pic to each chapter 2. If u can bring other site like Mahabharat and Bhaghawat Gita.
(NAME) Nagesh Anand (EMAIL) srinageshanand@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is really great. If there is a picture of Valmiki which can be uploaded onto this site it will be great. Good Job!
(NAME) John Singh (EMAIL) singhs@smartchat.net.au (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ram Ram I have been surfing the web and have been consistently looking for a site that will or can provide me details
(NAME) ananthan (EMAIL) ananthan@smsosabha.org (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir Your website in layout and aswell the subject is really fantastic and it is the blessing of srirama that has made the material fine.
(NAME) Swarna Lakshmi (EMAIL) ragasudharasa@yahoo.com (comments) Congrats to all you there at valmikiramayana.net for bringing the Great Epic Online.. The site sounds to be very interesting and informative for those who are interested in these epics, but i would like to suggest u a better way of presentation so that people find it easy to navigate thru. I would like to thank you for this kinda effort. Good luck.
(NAME) milin (EMAIL) hbhavsar@ad1.vsnl.net.in (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- hello there you can also attach the image gallary for you sites. thanks
(NAME) Suresh Vyas (EMAIL) panchajanya@geocities.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pranam! Excellent site. May Bhagvan Rama give you time and energey to finish it soon. I am planning to put a link to your page in my following page: Panchajanya: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atlantis/4324
(NAME) Raghavendra Hebbalalu (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations on this magnificent effort. I had the original sanskrit at home in India and had even browsed the original Sanskrit on www.hscc.net. But you have provided the translation with the original text which is really helpful for people like me. Thanks a million for this great resource. Raghavendra.
(NAME) Suren (EMAIL) noszag@hotmail.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there this is an excellent site. the story is pretty detailed compared with the other sites. i would also prfer reading the whole compilation, not only the first two kanda, I came to your site in the beginning of the year and the ful version was not ready yet. now, i have vsited the site after a long break. could you please write up on the rest of the kandas thank u regards
(NAME) Gaurav Mittal (EMAIL) mittalga@yahoo.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very nice service. I had a desire of having a website with English translation of Ramayana. I was thinking I wish someone could do it. I am so happy that you are doing it. Please do it. Lord Rama will be very happy with you.
(NAME) Arjunpuri (EMAIL) arya@post.cz (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, please go on - fantastic work. I am looking forward to read the whole Ramayan on your site. Thank You. Arjunpuri
(NAME) jubin parekh (EMAIL) gipla@vsnl.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- the site is very good and informative i have a query to ask what was the name of the horse which was captured by luv and kush when lord Ram performed the aswamedha yagna..... i will be very thankfull to you if u could answer my question
(NAME) sudhir dhungel (EMAIL) sudhir_dhungel@hotmail.com (comments) plese send me some of the photos of ramnsita
(NAME) Joe Fitzpatrick (EMAIL) jem.fitzpatrick@connectfree.co.uk (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am grateful to learn something of this great epic poem. I am interested in Rudyard Kipling's "Just So" stories, and curious about the literary genre in which they are written. I suspect it is a form of etioligical narrative peculiar to South East Asia, and probably India - How the Camel got his Hump, How the Leopard got his Spots etc. - and would be grateful if anyone can throw light on the characteristics and provenance of this literary genre. I would be most grateful. My e-mail no is above.
(NAME) Vijay Kumar Singh (EMAIL) vksingh@usa.net (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a lovely siteon the Ramayana and i think that it shall develop into a wonderful vortal However the links to the aranya,Kishkinda and Yuddha Kandas are not working properly and it would be wonderful if that was rectified Above all congrats for developing such a wonderful sight Vijay Kumar Singh
(NAME) Rajen (EMAIL) rajen@yesic.com (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, This is a wonderful site to understand Ramayan. Thank you very much for the good work. Please keep it up. I would like to read Kishkindha kand. When would it be possible? Please let me know. Thank you once again.
Name: Ravi Salem

Email: ravisalem65@hotmail.com

Subject: Suggestion

Message: I like what I see. Are the kandas full ??. I donot see more than 8 sargas in Bala Kanda. Please let me know if you are going to ADD more to it.
Thanks for putting this site up. This really helps person like me who is trying to learn sanskrit and interested in reading Epics. Appreciate your repsonse

Name: Ramu M. Rao

Email: rrao@lsu.edu

Subject: Comment

Message: Could you please tell me how we can buy this book.  Thanks.
 Name: kasi viswanadham y

Email: kasi@iimb.ernet.in

Subject: Suggestion

Message: Please add more pictures related to the events in each kanda.
Name: Prabhu

Email: prabhusb@hotmail.com

Subject: Comment

Message: It said some where that " as long as there are these rivers, trees, oceans ....Valmiki's Ramayana with stay". You are doing what the almighty had promised ...It's a great effort and great service to mankind.
(NAME)  m ajith kamath
(EMAIL)  ajith@ee.iitm.ernet.in
you have really done a great job! I was glad to find
at least one site which gives a decent english translation
of the ramayana. I needed to refer the original for a
term paper in a course on the ramayana,based on rajaji's
abridged ramayana. Such sites are a boon for both
researchers and the curious alike. it would be very
helpful if the entire translation were available in
one place .
(NAME)  vaibhav v.k.
(EMAIL)  vaibhav44@hotmail.com
this site is really fantastic & also very good 
Now a days no one like (in interest) to read books , 
but because of u this problem is solved. 
Like to suggest that please show whole story on the screen in the form of picture.
Thank you,
vaibhav v.k.
(NAME)  v.subramanian
(EMAIL)  vsubramanian11@hotmail.com
(comments)  masterly depiction of the epic Ramayana
(NAME)  Meredith
(EMAIL)  mere1021@yahoo.com
(comments)  Great site!  I'm actually a student reading the Ramayana for a class and was wondering if maybe, for future students, you could put some themes and underlying ideas that are found in the book on this site.  It might prove helpful to people, like me, who have to write 7 page papers on it! :)  Thank you for making it available in the internet though.  That's fabulous!
(NAME)  martin prakash ferguson
(EMAIL)  thosai@hotmail.com
i was reading valmiki ramayan and i must say that you have done a marvellous job with presentation of the epic. i am a lecturer in a varsity in singapore and i lecture students in human resource managment (hrm). i was thinking of using this epic as a means of teaching my students the theories of hrm. however, i was a little disapointed that the entire epic is not available online. is there some way i could get the rest of the volumes from you, if that is not a bother. thanks. once again, splendid job. martin prakash 
(NAME)  Suresh Maharaj
(EMAIL)  Suresh_Maharaj@hotmail.com
(comments)  Your presentation and transilation are good. I wish to commend
your effort and hope you continue. Thanks.
(NAME)  sonal pathak
(EMAIL)  sonalp@ufl.edu
I used this site as a reference for a paper on the Ramayana and Ayodhya,
and found it to be extremely useful! Great work!!
(NAME)  Pramod
(EMAIL)  pammi@india.com
Excellent Site for Quiz Masters and QuizNetizens. I would love to add a link to this site from my Quiz Site at : http://www.quizzin.com/ Regards, Pramod
(NAME)  keegan bucy
(EMAIL)  omeoteotl@webtv.net
(comments)  This is good because I've been curious about the Ramayana. The first time I found out about the poem was in Fifth grade when I read a children's version in a myth and legends book for children. I didn't know it was called the ramayana until I read a synoposis of it and it brought back the story that I actually read several times. I discovered the length of the poem is four times the Iliad and Odyssey combined. I guess that's the reason it is usually retold.
(NAME)  mrs mayuri asar
(EMAIL)  care.amjay@raha.com
(comments)  dear sir your site is too informative simple and clear language keep it up. we found it more good than anything feeling like wathching ramayain again and again.
(NAME)  Kelly Harkins
(EMAIL)  kell1524@arn.net
(comments)  I have been studing the Ramayana. Because of my own paradigm's I do not understand how one knows what their dharma. I would also like to know how this story has effected the current Indian culture.  
(subject)  Ramayana Page Comments
(next-url)  http://www.geocities.com/~ramayanam/ramayana.htm
(NAME)  Joseph Simantov, PhD
(EMAIL)  joseph.simantov@span.ch
(comments) A big word of thanks! It's just unbelievable...
 (NAME)  T K Rao
 (EMAIL)  tkrao64@hotmail.com
 (comments)  I found the site interesting, brief and compelling.  I Congratulate Sri
 Murthy and Sri Desiraju Hanumantha Rao for the commendable, fab job done
 in taking the great epic to millions.  I avidly look forward to the other
 Kandas.  All the best and well done.  Regards
 T K Rao
(NAME)  P Paramaswari
(EMAIL)  pper01@hotmail.com
(comments) I read the text, it was beautiful. I would like to purchase the book. Is it available? Would appreciate very much if u can contact me on how to get! Thanks for your time.
(NAME)  Ronita Torcato
(EMAIL)  ronita@homeindia.com
(comments) Congratulations on putting the Ramayana on the InterNet. It would be great if you could post some of the other versions as well.
I have a small request.  Could you please email the the  127-128   verses  from the Yudhakanda to me?
I would like a Romanized Sanskrit version, accompanied if possible, by an English language translation. If the translation is not possible, it's ok. I'll manage. But I would be grateful if you could let me have the Romanized transliteration.
Thanks in advance.
(NAME)  Joey
(EMAIL)  lambolc5@aol.com
(comments)  i was looking up infromation about Valmiki for an english essay.  i needed information about who he was, the author of The Ramayana, but instead all i recieved was informtion about the story and not about the author.
(NAME)  gaurav
(EMAIL)  gaurav@hotmail.com
(comments) i think the site is good,
but all it needs is to have the complete Ramayan.
please try & put it up as there aren't too many sites that
give out stuff on the Ramayan on the web,which is sad,
as i think in this time of total confusion of morals,
we need the guiding light of the Ramayan.
(NAME)  K V N Gopal
(EMAIL)  gopal@aero.iisc.ernet.in
(comments) A beautiful site!
It would be really great for Unix users if you
could incorporate dynamic fonts in the document
so that they can also see it in the Indian language
(NAME)  andrew kennedy
(EMAIL)  aka_ak@excite.com
(comments)  i like your site could you tell me where your from and stuff? just mant to know.  i'm doing a project on immortality through meditation, which relates to the main body of the paper is based around the epic of gilgamesh but i'm looking for the angle of the veda and thus through the ramayana, the tale of rama and sita.  if you could send me you e-mail address so i could cunsult with you on these sorts of subjects.
(NAME)  Ranga
(EMAIL)  ranga61@hotmail.com
It was an amazing experience  reading the translation (since i do not know sanskrit) was enlightening to say the least. i have heard casettes by Balakrishna shastri narrating the sundara kanda - especially the verses, wherein hanuman meets / introduces himself to sita. i now await to read the sundara kanda translated. regards ranga
(NAME)  william assaf
(EMAIL)  fjorner@eatel.net
  i'm a college student studying the ramayana.  interesting site although it didn't really give me more than a synopsis.  nice effort, though.
(NAME)  shree
(EMAIL)  shree@usa.net
(comments) An excellent site. I have linked it from
(NAME)  nigade sandeep ganpat
(EMAIL)  nigade_sandeep@hotmail.com
(comments) This is very nice site you have developed. This tells us
many many things. thanks a lot
(NAME)  n.jayalakshmi
(EMAIL)  kantagi@hotmail.com
(comments) I am a beginner in Sanskrit learning.My ambition is to read Ramayan in original form.I landed at your site through a search. I find it extremely useful especially to decypher the sandhis and then understand.My whole-hearted thanks and appreciation.I am rather impatient to get the rest of the chapters.If you have already brought it out in book form please let me know.
(NAME)  Seetharaman Mahadevan
(EMAIL)  seetharaman_m@hotmail.com
(comments) I had gone through a part of the contents. Found it to be very good. I appreciate your efforts in doing the same. I have one suggestion for improving upon this. If you could have the Sanskrit version of the Stanza in Sanskrit along with the English Version, it would be nice so that people can read that also and then read the meaning of that. Seetharaman
(NAME)  Narayana
(comments)  Your website is really great! It's really good that you're translating the Ramayana and it has been a lot of use to me, especially since I am a solitary learner on Hinduism and I soon hope to become an official Hindu. Keep up the great work!
(NAME)  Nityanandi
(EMAIL)  nityanandi@hotmail.com
(comments) Thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU, with all my heart. Cannot evaluate until i have taken it home to read.
  Thank you so much.
  Please be blessed. Take from here. Nityanandi, South Australia (in phone book)
(NAME)  deepak
(EMAIL)  ddvinod@socs.uts.edu.au
(comments) Excellent site.  More of these kindsd of sits is what we need.  Something
to appeal to the youth will be desirable.  Impressed Thanks
    Ram Ram
(NAME)  shailla gupta
(EMAIL)  shgupta@netdirect.net
(comments) It is beautiful but what about other chapters? I was specaly looking for Sundar Kand in Hindi
thank you for possibilities
(NAME)  Avinash
(EMAIL)  Ragoo@currif.u-strabg.fr <mailto:Ragoo@currif.u-strabg.fr>
(comments) It is very interesting.i've been going through the sites concerning religion
and i was very surprised that there was so many sites about hinduism.i
really appreciate and thank's a lot there are people who dedicate themselves
to such works that benefit the whole world.
Anyway, i'll have time to come again and again to read your site.
Vaidya Sundaram, USA (NAME)  Vaidya Sundaram
An excellent site indeed. I eagarly await the completion
in terms of translation of all the khandas. If you can,
kindly let me know through email when the site is updated.
Also, if you need any help in the typing or others, I
would be glad to help out, in any way I can.
 An an aside, can you briefly list how many sargas there
are in each Khanda also? Thanks.
Vaidya. vaidyanarayanan@yahoo.com
Simon Hughes, UK (sah14@canterbury.ac.uk)
Simon Hughes M.A.
Subject Tutor P.G.C.E. (S) R.E. Brilliant!  Thanks for the information.  We'll put you in when next we
do our upgrade.
Avinash Sathaye, Professor of Mathematics, University of Kentucky, USA
  I was very glad to see the wonderful site you are preparing. You have done all the
right things in providing a pleasing and convenient format and it should be very
useful. Since you asked for "critical" comments, I went thru the material,
randomly selecting and analyzing the verses. I have enclosed my comments in a word
document - attached.  I hope its format survives and that you can read it. If
there is a problem, let me know and I will try some other format. I have picked on Sanskrit grammar as well as other constructions, please take it
as a well meaning constructive criticism. I don't think I know you and I don't
want you to feel unhappy with my criticisms. I wish you good luck and godspeed in finishing this monumental task!
Claude, USA (http://www.griffe.com/projects/india/literature/classics/ramayana.html) ..., and your beautiful work which is now directly
linked to my page. Please keep me informed of the upgrades of the other kandas so that I can
update the links. Thank you once again. Claude
Sreedhar Chintalapaty, USA
  .. It's a nice site that you have. Please expect to see a
link to your site in a week or so. Thanks, and Best Regards, Sreedhar
George Penner, www.indax.com, USA
  checked out your site.  It looks good.  We'll be happy to provide a
link.  We are just in the process of redoing the web site pages and
particularly the culture section links must be updated as some have
changed. Thanks George Penner
Bhagwat Shah, USA
(NAME)  Bhagwat Shah
This is a wonderful site and I applaud your pains in getting it there.
This is an excellent site and I can only say that it is an excellent resource for us all. I would like to invite you to my sites, http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/2425/
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/7830/ The first one is on Krishna and the second one has several articles including on Shri Rama in the Anta Puram section. Look forward to communicating with you.
M. Birchall, Germany
(NAME)  m birchall
(comments) Your description of the elements of the nataraja
was one of the best I have seen yet. The image seems
to facinate me lately. There seems to be so much
symbolism involved in the image. Thanks for the information. PS. I would appreciate any references you might have
as far as further reading on its symbolism. MB